“From developing a business plan to securing investment, to establishing contacts with potential partners, GreenTec has been there every step of the way. Their strategic advice and business expertise helped transform BDA from a research project to a bonafide business.” 

Amarachi U. - CEO Big Data for Africa

"I like the value that GreenTec brings into the collaboration with Tilly's Farm. I like the fact that it's not only working with us to raise equity investment but also for us to fine-tune our business model to make our business more relevant and sustainable."

Maxwell H. - General Manager Tilly's Farm

"There are two type of Investors: the passive ones, and the ones that not only assist you in getting you the capital you need but also participate in the building of your company.  That is what Greentec represents to me, an active investor."

Henri N. - CEO ARED

"Working with Greentec Capital Partners, I realized that they have the experience and the expertise to provide mentoring and guidance which is important for any startup to avoid pitfalls encountered by many businesses."

Ambrose A. - CEO Safarini Translator