GreenTec joins Frankfurt-area startups in the SDG Fintech Initiative

on 03 October 2017
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Frankfurt (Germany), September 2017. GreenTec is pleased to announce the launch of the SDG Fintech Initiative. The SDG Fintech Initiative aims to assist startups oriented to addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative is a collaboration between Frankfurt Main Finance and Frankfurt-area startups to showcase bottom-up solutions to issues arising from global social and environmental changes.

GreenTec joins Frankfurt Main Finance and a consortium of Frankfurt based start-ups operating in financial sector and addressing SDG’s. The group believes strongly in the potential for innovative services and new technologies, Fintech in particular, to deliver positive impacts that align with and contribute to SDGs. The group consists of Frankfurt Main Finance, Awamo, Bettervest, Ecologico, Ecokraft, Green Mania, and Mes & DAK.

The "SDG FinTech-initiative" is launched against the backdrop of increasing political interest in the potential of emerging technologies and new business models, especially from the field of finance, for addressing obstacles on the way of a more sustainable development. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is working intensively on this issue and the German Federal Government has made this question one of its core agenda point during the German G20-presidency.

The initiative’s goals are:

  • To serve as a single point of contact for corporates, politics, research institutions, NGOs and development organizations seeking co-operations with Start-ups committed to the SDGs
  • To foster the exchange of knowledge between the Start-ups themselves with a special emphasis on knowhow-transfer between Start-ups in developed and developing markets
  • To establish and strengthen links between SDG Start-ups and the players in development and development finance
  • To foster legal harmonization the EU