GreenTec partners Land of African Business

Paris (France) and Frankfurt (Germany), July 2017. GreenTec Capital Partners is very pleased to announce our partnership with the French think tank, Land of African Business (LAB). GreenTec Capital and the LAB will engage in a joint effort to promote African entrepreneurship and, of particular interest for us, the development of the startups segment. This is the first of many strategic alliances by GreenTec Capital that aim to bring our unique “results4equity” model to Fracophone countries in Africa.

The LAB  is a Paris based think tank focusing on plural “Africas” and changing development models. The LAB’s mission is to connect key stakeholders committed to taking up the challenges of African development and growth. Focusing on “Africas” plural, the think tank’s vision is to promote societal change with sustainable and inclusive development models, contributing to growth sharing and harmony between peoples. The event will bring together politicians, industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to discuss issues of impactful and sustainable development in Africa. Riding the crest of the African Startup Revolution, the LAB has organized the African Rethink Awards (ARA), an event designed to bring African startups together with foreigner investors. GreenTec will actively partake in the ARA event as a member of the selection committee.

“The LAB is a natural partner for us as it works for the transformation of societies and towards new models of development that are more respectful to local people and which contribute to a shared and harmonious growth between peoples…the LAB’s focus and mission are very much in line with our own impact investment policy.  We will support this event with 7 African startups from our portfolio that will have the opportunity to showcase and pitch their solutions in front of an international audience” said Erick Yong, CEO of GreenTec.

Through recent elections in Africa, African civil societies and even political leaders have rejected the obsolete guardianship model of development. Similarly, shouldn’t we conceive of African organizations free of western mimicry, based on the diversity of their resources and convinced of the legitimacy of their emancipation? We could finally be witnessing the integration of internal markets in a regional entity feeding small and medium-sized enterprises necessary for regional development. Civil societies, that will be key actors in the emergence of solutions, and are supported by an informed and globalized youth, are finally setting aside the duty of rethinking the past to design a future that promotes “better living together.” We are convinced that entrepreneurs, notably young generations, are the future of the continent. The Land of African Business advocates a model of meetings that encourage the sharing of experience and expertise and the enactment of concrete solutions, rather than events funded by large firms who congratulate each other with hollow speeches filled with platitudes and good intentions that do not materialize into action. Our partnership with GreenTec Capital Partners is  an obvious and natural connection, that will promote stronger and deeper collaboration to find new solutions for future African generations!” Said Eric Bazin, CEO of Land of African Business.

The LAB’s African Rethink Awards will bring together more than 3000 participants representing 40 nationalities, 45 international media correspondents, and hundreds of speakers. The 2017 edition will take place in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in December. We will have more information on the Ivory Coast event in the near future.


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