Bio Phyto Collines meets Michaëlle Jean, Secretary General of the OIF

Allada (Benin), December 2017.

GreenTec’s newest investee, Bio Phyto Collines, was recently honored by a visit from Michaëlle Jean, Secretary General of the International Organization for Francophonie (OIF). The visit comes as a part of the Secretary’s four-day work trip to Benin.

Madame Jean’s visit to Benin was to promote the OIF’s youth engagement program “Libres ensemble” (Free Together), which Benin will actively implement. The pilot program will focus on engaging Francophone youth and promoting civic engagement and youth opportunities.

The Secretary General’s trip to Benin included the introduction of Bio Phyto Collines Director, Gildas Zodomé, winner of the OIF’s first “Young  Francophone Entrepreneur” Award. Mr. Zodomé was honored at a ceremony where he met both Madame Jean and H.E. Patrice Talon, President of Benin. Gildas founded Bio Phyto Collines, a start-up that produces organic agricultural inputs including fertilizer and pesticide. Mr. Zodomé, has also recently won the agri-tech prize at the Land of African Business African Rethink Awards in Abidjan. As a part of Michaële Jean’s trip, she will travel to Allada, Benin, to visit Bio Phyto Colline’s plant and production facility, and learn more about the company’s organic agricultural inputs.

The visit provided Bio Phyto Collines with excellent exposure in the Francophone press and GreenTec is duly impressed with Gildas’ success in international competitions this year. We look forward to helping Bio Phyto grow their business and expand sustainable farming in Africa.


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