Boreal Light Launches the Water Kiosk Project on Wasini Island, Kenya

Wasini Island (Kenya), March 2018. GreenTec Capital is proud to report that Boreal Light has begun operations in Kenya and launched its Water Kiosk Project on Wasini Island. The Water Kiosk will be the first of a series of kiosks installed across Kenya to help bring affordable, hygienic water to the drought-stricken region.

Boreal Light GmbH is a Berlin based company that developed an innovative water desalination system that is durable, scalable, and affordable. The systems can be used with both brackish and seawater sources and are run entirely on solar energy. The company recently ran a successful Bettervest crowdfunding campaign to fund the installation of 2 kiosks, the first of which is to be installed at Mkirow village on Wasini Island. Currently the island relies on rainwater and water imported 100 km by boat from Mombasa. The Water Kiosk will provide the island with 5,000 liters of clean and hygienic desalinated water daily, providing an affordable and superior alternative to the imported municipal water. The kiosks solar power systems can also help meet unmet energy demand and can also provide WIFI, allowing for the establishment of an ecosystem of additional services. In addition to the social impacts generated by the kiosks, the kiosks contribute to CO2 savings by removing the necessity to pasteurize the water by boiling, amounting to more than 445 tons annually.

The team was on Wasini Island to finalize the kiosk’s site selection and to begin preparing for construction and installation. The project’s launch was commemorated with a celebration ceremony held on the island by the island’s residents. The kiosks will be completed shortly, and operations will begin at the start of May 2018. We look forward to reporting further on the development of Boreal Light’s Water Kiosk project and see great potential to expand water access for BOP populations.