GreenTec's Investment Model Illustrated in's "Die Hoffnung für Afrikas Bauern kommt aus dem Internet [Hope for African Farmers comes from the Internet]" by Frank Stocker

 Frankfurt (Germany), April 2018. GreenTec Capital Partners are very pleased to share the following article by Franck Stocker (in German) in “Die Hoffnung für Afrikas Bauern kommt aus dem Internet [Hope for African Farmers come from the Internet].” Following several other articles, the article illustrates GreenTec’s model in one of Germany’s widest circulating periodicals. The article features AgroCenta as well as GreenTec, and provides an overview of the African start-up market and how our model helps empower African entrepreneurs.

The article is the result of a joint interview with AgroCenta’s Francis Obirikorang and GreenTec Capital co-founders Erick Yong and Thomas Festerling. The article begins with an introduction to AgroCenta and how its innovative agricultural platform connects farmers to markets. The article also provides a brief overview of GreenTec’s development and goals, while contextualizing our place within the larger start-up ecosystem among other actors such as the Tony E. Elumelu foundation, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the World Bank’s “XL Africa” program, and other players such as Google.

On this background, the article provides an overview of how GreenTec’s model is designed to help start-ups through the so-called “Valley of Death” phase of company growth, where a start-up has a good model and business plan, but not enough revenues and business fundamentals to be able to grow to prosperity. GreenTec’s model is specifically designed to provide the combination of expertise with the operational and funding support needed for a start-up to go from proof-of-concept to scalable growth. GreenTec developed our model and team to provide the necessary experience as “Company Builders” to help develop start-up business fundamentals as well as to groom and mold them into attractive investments.

Finally, the article introduces GreenTec’s planned fund, which will provide a vehicle for interested parties to become involved in the African start-up segment.