GreenTec Capital at LeLAB’s “Back from Abidjan” event in Paris

Paris (France), March 2018.  Last, week GreenTec’s Erick Yong and Sofien V. Sidhoum attended the Land of African Business’’ (LeLAB) “Back from Abidjan” event in Paris. The event was held on March 16th, 2018, and brought together policy makers, LeLAB partners, and other stakeholders in African investment to discuss the state of business in Africa.

Last year, LeLAB and GreenTec Capital partnered to jointly work to promote African start-ups and entrepreneurship. LeLAB and GreenTec co-powered last year’s African Rethink Awards in Abidjan in December 2017. The “Back from Abidjan” event presented a whitepaper by the Essec Business School on financial inclusion and cashless solutions in Africa and brought together partners and stakeholders to present, elaborate, and discuss these learnings. Erick presented GreenTec’s perspectives on the development of the African start-up ecosystem alongside with Emilie Debled, PR & BD Director at IetP who shared lessons learnt from 15 years of investing in Africa in the “I & P ’15 ans, 15 Leçons d’Afrique’” [“15 years, 15 lessons from Africa”] session. The event provided excellent networking opportunities such as discussing partnership opportunities with the CPCCAF (Conférence Permanente Des Chambres Consulaire Afrcaines et Francophones [Standing Conference of African and Francophone Consular Chambers]) with Denis Deschamps the délégué général.

Interview (in French) with GreenTec Capital CEO Erick Yong