Konfid.io enters into strategic partnership with GreenTec Capital Partners

Frankfurt and Berlin (Germany), June 2018. GreenTec Capital Partners are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Berlin-based Konfid.io. The partnership will expand our technological capacity to support start-ups. As a part of the partnership, Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry will join the GreenTec Capital advisory board and provide his expertise on disruptive technologies and decentralized applications to GreenTec.

Konfid.io is a “blockchain and AI Venture studio” whose goal is to “accelerate the adoption of disruptive technologies to build a more decentralized future.” The company offers a suite of products and services built on new and emerging technologies, including smart contracts and enterprise blockchain solutions. The partnership will expand GreenTec’s capacity to develop, support, and transform innovative African start-ups with these disruptive technologies. Konfid.io’s values align closely with GreenTec’s and the two companies are eager to apply their complementary skills empowering African start-ups and providing knowledge transfer regarding these innovative technologies. GreenTec CEO Erick Yong said “We are very pleased to partner with a technology company that has values so closely aligned with our own. We firmly believe in the transformative potential for technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize African innovation.”

We are very excited for the potential of technologies such as smart-contracts, to be applied to innovative African business cases. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Maistry to our advisory board and stay tuned for upcoming announcements that will leverage the expertise of Konfid.io and GreenTec in applying our transformational support to innovative start-up business models.