African Bamboo visits GreenTec's Frankfurt offices

Frankfurt (Germany), August 2018. Last week, African Bamboo founders Khalid and Rania Duri came to Frankfurt to meet with the GreenTec team. The subject of the meeting was to coordinate activities such as the push towards the close of African Bamboo’s funding round and strategizing on the launch of the company’s IP business.

African Bamboo has invested significant resources into developing innovative production processes that harnesses the natural properties of indigenous species of African bamboo into a range of timber and natural-fiber-composite (NFC) products. The technology provides a new avenue to unlock the economic potential of a sustainable natural resource which is commonly available in Sub-Saharan Africa. African Bamboo’s intellectual property has the potential to drive a revolution in African manufacturing, by providing the know-how to sustainably produce timber and NFC products which are competitive internationally both in terms of prices as well as technical properties. The company is already in talks with several parties interested in licensing the technology for manufacturing facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa