GreenTec expands into EdTech sector with investment into Kenya-based Yusudi LTD.

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Frankfurt (Germany) and Nairobi (Kenya) November 2018. GreenTec is pleased to announce our investment in Kenya-based Yusudi LTD. Yusudi develops innovative training and educational programs designed to help young Africans succeed in the workplace through training, mentorship, and practical application of learned skills.

Africa’s growing youth population can be a boon to the economy if young people are healthy, educated, and productive. With a little over half a million college graduates and 5.2 million young Kenyan’s un- or underemployed, it is clear that young people need better opportunities and educational options to succeed in the modern economy. Many college graduates cannot find viable work due to missing key business and soft skills necessary to find and succeed in a career or not being adequately prepared to be competitive in the rapidly evolving employment landscape.

Yusudi was founded with the vision to enable holistic, creative learning programs, unique to every individual. Yusudi believes that the fast-changing pace of work in the 21st century creates a need to shift and combine skillsets for professional growth. To date, Yusudi has impacted more than 2,500 Kenyan young people, including taking more than 500 learners through its’ Skills2Grow program with an 87% job-on-graduation rate. Yusudi applies blended learning programs combining lessons and training, mentorship, and practical application to help learners develop, grow, and then apply their skills in the market.

Based on the success of the Skills2Grow program, Yusudi aims to expand its’ impact through digitizing their course content to be made available through an online learning platform named Jijali. The platform combines the low-cost benefits of massive-open-online-classes (MOOC) with the flexibility and personalization of immersive training experiences. The platform integrates virtual mentoring to keep learners motivated and on-track. As the program grows, Yusudi will implement artificial intelligence to help assess learners’ skills and match learners with custom-tailored learning tracks.
Yusudi will pilot the Jijali program with more than 500 users by the end of the year, collecting user feedback and preparing the platform for its’ commercial launch. The company expects to attract more than 300,000 users to its’ platform in East Africa by 2023.


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