Boreal Light selected as the Future Agro Challenge 2019 German champion

Frankfurt (Germany), November 2018. GreenTec Capital is pleased to report that Boreal Light GmbH has been selected as the German National Champion in the Future Agro Challenge 2019 and will proceed to compete in the international completion.

The Future Agro Challenge (FAC) is the largest global initiative that discovers fundable food, agtech, and agriculture innovators from around the world creating solutions for a healthier tomorrow. The FAC aims provide key tools and opportunities to innovators them grow their businesses and expand them into new markets. The FAC works to make a difference on a global level by increasing interaction amongst agro innovators, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders by addressing national policies and challenges.

Boreal competed at the Agtech Foodtech Summit which hosted the German national competition on November 23rd, in Berlin, proceeding to the next stage to compete at the FAC Global Championships in May 2019. Boreal was selected for its innovative Winture Planet Cube water desalination systems, which have applications for desalinating water from a brackish and salt water to produce potable water and desalinated water for agricultural purposes. The systems are designed for harsh and remote climates, powered by renewable energy and equipped with advanced sensors and monitoring equipment to facilitate maintenance.

The victory represents the latest in a string of Boreal Light’s successes, including acquiring new deployment contracts and the company’s remote monitoring technology being selected as the DIN [German Institute of Standards] Connect Pitch competition winner. GreenTec is very pleased to see Boreal’s innovative technology being recognized at international competitions. Congratulations to Hamed Beheshti, Ali Al-Hakim and the rest of the Boreal Light team!


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