CDU MP Volkmar Klein visits GreenTec Capital HQ.

Frankfurt (Germany), January 2019. Yesterday, German parliamentarian Volkmar Klein visited GreenTec Capital’s Headquarters in Frankfurt. Mr. Klein is a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), who has since 2009, been a directly member of German parliament (Bundestag) for Siegen-Wittgenstein, Hessen.

The purpose of Mr. Klein’s visit was to learn more about GreenTec’s model of supporting African start-ups with capacity building, knowledge transfer, venture building, and financing. Mr. Klein met with GreenTec CEO Erick Yong, who provided a detailed overview of how GreenTec Capital aligns its investments to cover entire value chains. They discussed the specifics of the economics of African development, and the challenges that are faced by more than 80% of SMEs and start-ups due to a lack of appropriate support structures to promote their development and growth. Following the meeting, Mr. Klein expressed his support for GreenTec’s model saying

“Tolles Konzept. Genau das braucht Afrika, damit die Menschen dort mehr Jobs, Chancen und Perspektiven bekommen. (Great concept. That is exactly what Africa needs, so that people can get more jobs, opportunities, and prospects there.).”

He underlined the need for more companies like GreenTec who align well with a growing audience of German investors who do not to see Africa as a recipient of donations, but rather as a source of opportunities for responsible and impactful investments.

GreenTec was honored to host Mr. Klein and to share our business model with him and was very pleased to see him express support for our model and approach.

LTR: Neerja Venkataraman, Erick Yong, Volkmar Klein, Dean Hastie, Peter Grouev
LTR: Neerja Venkataraman, Erick Yong, Volkmar Klein, Dean Hastie, Peter Grouev
Erick Yong presents GreenTec's investment model to German MP Volkmar Klein