NOK 360 to pilot its Free Connect service for Coca-cola Nigeria

Lagos (Nigeria), February 2019. GreenTec is pleased to report that the Coca-Cola Company of Nigeria has chosen to conduct a pilot campaign with NOK 360’s Free Connect Service. Free Connect provides users with free airtime in exchange for engaging with short audio/video advertisements. Coca-Cola of Nigeria will be using the Free Connect service to market its new “Mama” Branded 1 L Bottles at an affordable 200 Naira per liter.

NOK360 empowers African through mobile services and products that promote economic growth, social change and enriched experiences. Their mission is to be the leading and recognized African mobile value-added services provider, aggregator, and technology enabler to individuals and corporate organizations through our unique and continuously innovative solutions. The company has deep experience in delivering mobile and telephony services.

The Free Connect service is targeted at the more than 150 million mobile phone users. The service allows businesses and individuals to get their message across to mobile phone users across Nigeria in exchange for free calls. The service provides companies with an increased ROI on their ad spending by enabling granular message delivery and direct customer engagement.

The pilot will provide a proof-of-concept for the company’s reach and targeting demonstrating the capabilities of the Free Connect service. The campaign is set to run for 1 week, with a target of reaching out to users in at least 20 Nigerian states with at least a 20% action rate. Once the ad delivery capabilities are demonstrated the company expects to quickly on-board other clients and helping them bring their messages to the millions of Nigerian mobile phone users.

Coca-Cola of Nigeria, will use the Free Connect service to promote its new “Mama” campaign advertising its 1l bottles of soda being sold at an affordable price of 200 Naira. The campaign is intended to embody the spirit of generosity and kindness of the Nigerian mother, is created to bring families closer by encouraging intimate family moments and making every moment worth sharing for the Nigerian family.