WeeTracker features interview with GreenTec CEO Erick Yong

Frankfurt (Germany), April 2019. GreenTec is very happy to report that WeeTracker has recently published an interview with our own CEO Erick Yong. WeeTracker, is a leading African media company that focuses on small business, entrepreneurship, technology, and start-ups in Africa. The platform aims to connect start-up ecosystems across the globe and to be a medium for knowledge sharing.

The article, titled “African Unicorns Would Have To Be Built For Now – Says Venture Builder Erick Yong of GreenTec Capital” By Nayantara Jha, profiles Erick’s early career to the development of the GreenTec Capital business model. The piece also mentions some of the newer developments at GreenTec, such as the launch of the GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation and the active work on a Mauritius-based fund to help European investors participate in African start-ups, as well as, provide an additional source of funding for innovative and impactful African start-ups.


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