Erick Yong at Westerwelle Foundation’s Young Founders Spring Conference 2019

Berlin (Germany), April 2019. Earlier this month, Erick Yong attended the Westerwelle Foundation’s Young Founders Conference as a speaker and start-up mentor. The Westerwelle Young Founders Program enacts the Foundation’s mission of promoting international understanding and democracy by bringing together promising young entrepreneurs from around the world to learn from experts and each other. GreenTec has been a long-standing supporter and partner of the Westerwelle Foundation and the Young Founders Program, which has included participation from several GreenTec start-ups including Farmcrowdy, AgroCenta, and Bismart.

The Spring 2019 brought together 25 young founders from around the world selected from more than 2,500 applicants for the foundation’s biannual conference in Berlin. The selected founders had a full agenda including, workshops, speakers, and a tour of the Berlin start-up scene. Erick spoke to the gathered Young Founders on how to develop their businesses, the importance of value creation, and shared his wide entrepreneurial experience. The conference also featured a number of additional speakers, including Rachel Crawford of Village Capital, Samir Mirza, formerly of Twitter, and others.

GreenTec was very happy to participate in the Young Founders Conference and support the Westerwelle Foundation’s work as an important part of the international start-up ecosystem. The conference also provided opportunities to meet some very interesting start-ups and actors supporting internal impactful founders. We are always impressed by the passion and innovative ideas that Westerwelle’s Young Founders bring to the conference.

Erick Yong speaking to the Westerwelle Young Founders Spring 2019 Cohort, in Berlin. Photo: - | Agentur für Fotografie | bundesweit
Erick Yong speaking to the Westerwelle Young Founders Spring 2019 Cohort, in Berlin