Martina Mistikova joins GreenTec Capital in the role of Financial Controller

Frankfurt (Germany), May 2019. GreenTec is happy to announce that Martina Mistikova has joined the team in the role of Financial Controller. Martina is an experienced accounting professional with an extensive background in international business and accounting.

Ms. Mistikova gained extensive international business experience working in Lithuania, Slovakia, Indonesia, Spain and Chile. Martina earned a bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations from the University of Economics in Bratislava and holds two master’s Degrees; one in International Management from the University of Economics in Bratislava and the second in International Business from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz. Martina will apply her international business and finance experience in supporting on all topics around Accounting & Controlling for the GreenTec Group and she will also be involved to provide professional Financial Governance Support to our Portfolio companies.

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Mistikova to the team!

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