Legafrik continues grow and launches new accounting and digital identity services

Abidjan (Cote D’Ivoire) and Frankfurt (Germany), June 2019. GreenTec is very pleased to report that Legafrik has continued to demonstrate strong growth and has launched two new services expanding its legaltech and business SasS digital offerings.

Legafrik developed its innovative legaltech platform targeting the 17 member-state OHADA region. The OHADA treaty member-states share a harmonized legal environment representing more than 225 million consumers. Legafrik has demonstrated strong growth since its founding in 2017 and expanded from Cote D’Ivoire into Burkina Faso in 2018. To compliment the company’s existing Legafrik platform, the company has launched its complementary Legafrik Compta accounting platform and Toosign digital signature and identity service.
Legafrik’s Compta platform offers a complete SaaS accounting solution for businesses in the OHADA region. The service operates 100% online and does not require any specialized software. The service offers: 1) data entry and bookkeeping, 2) Tax and accounting assistance, 3) Tax Reporting, and 4) Audit Services. Users can enter receipts and invoices via the online platform, or easily scan them with the Legafrik Compta Mobile Application. These are then entered by a dedicated accountant, providing 24-7 updates and real-time updates on company financial data (turnover, cashflow, budget estimates, etc).

Legafrik has also recently launched its Toosign digital identity software. Powered by Blockchain, Toosign is a simple, secure, and legal electronic signature solution. The service facilitates the verification and management of digital signatures, allowing users to sign and receive signatures, backed by the security of a distributed-ledger solution which secures and time-stamps signatures.

With its two new service offerings, Legafrik offers a full SaaS suite for the formalization and administration of businesses in Africa’s OHADA region. Legafrik’s signature platform facilitates the formalization of businesses, while its new Compta and Toosign services facilitate business administration. The common legal framework shared by the 17 OHADA member states will allow Legafrik to rapidly scale into OHADA countries, expanding the company’s reach and impact in Africa. GreenTec is duly impressed with Legafrik’s achievements to date and expect the company to continue its track record of growth and innovation.


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