Boreal Light launches new WaterKiosk system in Burani Village, in Kwale County, Kenya.

Boreal's Hamed Beheshti poses with the residents of Burani, Kwale County, Kenya

Burani (Kenya) and Frankfurt (Germany), August 2019. GreenTec is very pleased to report that Boreal Light GmbH has recently launched another WaterKiosk-based water desalination project in Burani Village, Kwale County, Kenya. The kiosk was launched in partnership with atmosfair gGmbH and utilizes the latest version of the Winture® solar water desalination system using new LANXESS membranes. The innovative and custom-designed system will feature drinking and irrigation features including a vertical farm, fish farming capabilities, sanitation applications, as well as, an electric cargo bike to deliver water and fish to nearby villages.

The Burani Kiosk and water desalination system is the latest example of Boreal’s ingenuity and versatility. Designed to provide more than just desalinated drinking water, the system will directly help benefit Burani village by providing improved economic opportunities for the village in drip irrigation implementing vertical farming as well as fish farming in addition to hygienic drinking water, greatly increasing the social impact generated by the project. The water system will also leverage another of Boreal’s innovations, which is using the detritus from water desalination for sanitation purposes. Finally, the addition of the electric cargo bike will greatly facilitate the Village’s economic opportunities by providing a reliable logistics to bring water and farm products to other neighboring villages, increasing revenue opportunities as well as the water system’s impact radius.

GreenTec is very impressed to see Boreal Light realizing such innovative and impactful projects. We look forward to learning more about the next installation planned for Wajir, Kenya in September.

Residents of Burani plant their vertical farming installation
Residents of Burani plant a vertical farming installation.


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