German Development Minister Gerd Müller visits PEBL Production Facility

German Development Minister Muller with Vincent Van Wyk, Pebl founder

Windhoek (Namibia) and Frankfurt (Germany), September 2019. GreenTec Capital is very pleased to report that German Development Minister Gerd Müller visited PEBL’s batch production facility as part of his visit to the Namibian capital Windhoek. Minister Müller was in Namibia for government talks and meetings with representatives of the Herero and the Nama people of Namibia.

As a part of the Minister’s visit to Namibia, he met with representatives of small enterprises and start-ups, including GreenTec investee PEBL. The German Development Ministry supports start-up incubator, Bokamoso Entrepreneurial Centre, which provides demand-based financial and business services as a part of German efforts to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and local ownership. Important goals of the Marshall Plan with Africa launched by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). During the Minister’s visit, PEBL CEO Vincent Van Wyk had the opportunity to meet the Minister and show off PEBL’s new batch production assembly plant at the start-up centre, as well as, instruct the Minister on the local design and assembly process of the innovative and high-performance personal computers.

He said, “With the convincing determination of the Namibian and German governments to develop the local business and innovation sectors, we think that our activity gives rise to an opportunity to build a successful business case study that can be used as reference activity to attract more technology expertise and knowledge to Namibia.  We hope to see more Namibian-German research and development (R & D) partnerships molded around the 4th industrial revolution (4IR). At our level we want to develop a new industry, provide training and make new technologies more accessible. We want to initiate the development of a new industry of tech hardware in Namibia and for Africa and the world… building a global brand that speaks to all Africans and friends of Africa that believe in the PEBL philosophy.

Development Minister Müller said, “Thirty years after becoming independent, Namibia is a stable democracy. And Namibia is a special partner for Germany… [We] will further expand our cooperation and introduce new priorities. In particular, Germany will support training, health and energy.”

German Minister Müller assembles a Pebl.
German Minister Müller assembles a Pebl


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