Maxime Bayen at Seedstars Summit Africa 2019

Seedstars Summit Africa 2019

Johannesburg (South Africa) and Frankfurt (Germany), December 2019. This week, GreenTec Capital Company Builder Maxime Bayen was in Johannesburg, South Africa to attend and support Seedstars Summit Africa 2019. Maxime supported the event by participating in a workshop organized by the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Programme.

The Seedstars Summit Africa 2019 was the last of 25 African country-level events aimed at scouting the best early-stage African start-ups before the annual Seedstars World Summit in 2020. The Summit brought together more than 40 start-ups from 20 countries together for an event filled program including private bootcamps, an investor forum, and the Seedstars Summit itself. The assembled start-ups had the opportunity to pitch their solutions to the assembled  audience with an impressive range of solutions across sectors from agriculture to healthcare, from real estate to transportation, and from fintech to education. The Summit also featured two special tracks on job creation sponsored by the AFDB and on land reforestation sponsored by the DOEN Foundation. The GIZ also supported the summit through sponsoring a “Gender Equality Track.” Maxime was invited GreenTec Capital at the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator worshop. The workshop was themed on Corporate – Start-up collaboration in Africa. The event provided a natural venue and receptive audience for explaining GreenTec Capital and the Results4Equity model, which embraces the collaborative vision that partnerships between start-ups and corporates are critical to be able to reach pan-African scale.

Maxime was duly impressed by the range and imagination of the presenting start-ups but was pleasantly struck by the strong representation of women founders. Maxime said “It was noteworthy that of the 41 start-ups, I counted at least 18 women founders or co-founders. This is really a great news not only for those start-ups but also for the respective local ecosystems where these women are becoming role models for new generations of women entrepreneurs. It was very refreshing to see women’s contributions and participation feature so prominently, as well as the Seedstar’s organized women-only jury to select the 10 winners to progress to Seedstars World in Lausanne of April 2020.” The Summit also provided a productive 1:1 networking event where Maxime reported meeting some very interesting start-ups with whom GreenTec will continue to engage and explore further collaboration opportunities.

GreenTec Capital extends its hearty congratulations to the 10 African start-ups selected to compete at Seedstars World.

  • Pezesha (Kenya): Peer-to-peer micro lending marketplace that connects lenders with high-quality under-served low income borrowers
  • Nvoicia (Ghana): Nvoicia is an invoice factoring product that enables small businesses to gain access to collateral-free working capital through invoice discounting
  • Vectra (SA): a solution providing small shops with a PoS device and software
  • Exuus (Rwanda): Software development firm that has developed a digital and inter-operable decentralised ledger for saving groups
  • Nadji.Bi Gambia (Gambia): Offers solar solutions to a potential potential customer base of 1.3-million people and also specialises in the research and development as well as manufacturing of solar products
  • Teheca (Uganda): App that connects new and expecting mothers to nurses for in home checkup
  • Crop2Cash (Nigeria): Agritech startup that provides smallholder farmers with access to finance and markets
  • OKO Finance (Mali): Insurtech startup that provides smallholder farmers in emerging countries with index insurance and other farming-related services
  • Afrikamart (Senegal): Agritech startup designs tools and services which bring farmers closer to processors, wholesalers, restaurants, supermarkets and individuals
  • Roque Online (Angola) Ecommerce platform that provides informal market vendors and service providers with tools that assist them manage themselves as a micro-enterprise

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