Boreal Light launches new Water Kiosk in Motongwe, Kenya.

A group pf happy people fill water containers from a Boreal Light WaterKiosk

Motongwe (Kenya) and Frankfurt (Germany), December 2019. GreenTec Capital Partners is very pleased to report that Boreal Light has launched another one of their WaterKiosk® water desalination systems in Motongwe, Kenya. 

Boreal Light's Hamed Beheshti with the electric cargo bike
Boreal Light’s Dr. Hamed Beheshti with villagers from Motongwe demonstrates the electric cargo bike

The newly launched WaterKiosk® is equipped with the companies Winture Planet Cube ABW2000, which is capable of producing 20,000 liters of hygienic drinking water from saline or bacterially contaminated water. Located in a school compound south of Mombasa, the system differs from previous deployments by making water accessible to clients around the clock with an innovative token-based credit system. The tokens are loaded with credit by a WaterKiosk® operator via mobile money, afterwards token holders can present their tokens to the machine at any time of day to buy water. The installation is also equipped with a solar-powered electric cargo bike, to facilitate water deliveries to nearby villages. The cargo bike is charged from the same solar array that powers the WaterKiosk®. 

The kiosk was financed with the help of the Irene und Friedrich Vorwerk- Stiftung, which enabled the deployment of this solution to yet another community in Kenya.  

The inside of the Boreal Light WaterKiosk
Motongwe villagers inspect the Winture Planet Cube water desalination

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