GreenTec Capital invests into Kenyan waste-to-value start-up Ecodudu

Frankfurt (Germany) and Nairobi (Kenya), February 2020. GreenTec is very pleased to announce our investment into Ecodudu. Ecodudu is an innovative Kenya-based waste-to-value company producing high-quality insect-based protein for animal feed and organic fertilizers from recycled organic matter.

Ecodudu has developed an innovative process that harnesses nature’s recycling agents, insects, to address global problems of unmet protein demand, organic waste management, and environmental conservation. Leveraging the team’s more than 18 years’ experience in animal feed production, Ecodudu uses fly larvae to produce sustainable and highly nutritious proteins for animal feeds and organic fertilizers.

The fly larvae convert the organic waste into high-protein biomass and leaving behind a rich residue. At the full-grown larvae stage, the flies are dried and provided in bulk to feed manufacturers for commercial use as the company’s signature Dudu Meal. The residues are subsequently processed into organic fertilizer called Shamba Mix. The result is a cost-effective, safe, and sustainable waste-to-value process that produces feed with a higher protein density than soya beans.

GreenTec Capital sees great potential in alternative protein production solutions and is very impressed with Ecodudu’s team. With Maxime Bayen as lead company builder, GreenTec will work to support Ecodudu to scale their business to the next stage.

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