GreenTec makes first Moroccan deal with investment into Kwiks.

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Frankfurt (Germany) and Casablanca (Morocco), February 2020. GreenTec is very pleased to announce our investment into Kwiks, an innovative Moroccan digital platform that specializes in rapid personnel sourcing. The company leverages a proprietary platform with a expertly curated talent pool technologically supplemented with public and private data sources to quickly offer top-tier talent to its customers.

Kwiks Managing Team
Kwiks founder and CEO Amine Khayatei Houssani with Zineb Khayatei

Kwiks is neither a headhunter, nor a recruiting agency, but rather a business catalyst helping companies to succeed by providing qualified candidates quickly. The company is already operational in Morocco, France, and Belgium. Kwiks extensive database of talent and innovative web and mobile application, allow the company to deliver qualified candidates in IT, consulting, CRW, and finance (among others) to employers in need. The Kwiks extended database of candidates is provided to companies through a collaborative real-time exchange platform. Via the platform, Kwiks Fastrecruiter consultants can provide on-demand talent profiles very Kwikly from the time of an online request, leveraging an expertly curated talent database, as well as a network of public and private profiles in order to be able to quickly deliver qualified candidates to employers. Leveraging an innovative IT platform that ensure ready access to top talent. The platform also suggests matching profiles based on previous requests, developing and maintaining clients’ databases. Together with that machine learning technology, Kwiks has developed its personal ATS for both clients and FastRecruiters.

Kwiks works with both internal and external consultants to meet clients’ recruitment needs.

The company plans to expand its reach in Africa and diversify from its Francophone niche by to included Anglophone candidates addressing a major problem for African companies to source talented personnel.

GreenTec Capital is very impressed with the Kwiks team and similarly with the Moroccan and North African start-up ecosystem. While this is our first deal in the region, it is not likely to be our last.

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