Benjamin Bonnell joins GreenTec Capital Partners in the role of Business Developer.

Benjamin Bonnel

Cape Town (South Africa) and Frankfurt (Germany), February 2020. GreenTec Capital is very pleased to report that Benjamin Bonnell has joined the team as a Business Developer. Benjamin comes to the team with experience in social ventures, Africa, and entrepreneurship. Benjamin will leverage his African and business development skills to support GreenTec portfolio companies on the ground in Africa.

Benjamin studied at the University of Miami Business School, focusing on entrepreneurship. Benjamin gained broad range of experience in his career spanning sales, production, marketing, social entrepreneurship, as well as in the mobile and insurance industries. He recently founded Expand in Africa, a consultancy focused supporting international companies on all phases of expansion on the African continent. Benjamin speaks French, Spanish, and English proficiently and he is passionate about social entrepreneurship. He will leverage his considerable talents and network in supporting GreenTec Capital portfolio companies to identify strategies that will further organizational initiatives, strengthen market presence, and position the companies for growth and partnership opportunities.

Please join us in welcoming Benjamin to the team!

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