Adapting in times of adversity: A lesson from Yusudi.

woman in red sweater using laptop, a distance learner

Frankfurt (Germany) and Nairobi (Kenya). Africa is no stranger to adversity, which is the crucible that forges innovation and entrepreneurs. We at GreenTec Capital we regard adaptability as one of the most important characteristics that an entrepreneur can have. With the current disruptions to the global economy from the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, many businesses are being forced to quickly adapt digital and remote postures to their business models in to stay in touch with existing customers and reach new ones. This moment of adversity also provides a moment of opportunity for businesses that are already positioned in the digital space, such as e-commerce solutions.

Yusudi students in a lesson
A screen capture of a Yusudi lesson with students images tiled

One example of this adaptation comes from one of our Kenya-based start-ups, Yusudi. Yusudi is an innovative ed-tech platform that uses technology and a blended learning approach to help Kenyan’s enter the workforce and to help Kenyan businesses find and train talented employees. With technology as a cornerstone of their business, the Yusudi team was well positioned to transition their blended learning platform to go fully digital. The entire Yusudi team pulled together and succeeded in updating their platform to offer a more social experience in just 5 days! The platform updates include features to make the learning sessions more social and interactive, as well as to provide a more immersive learning experience. The team has already begun offering classes, with 33 students in the first session on the newly updated platform. The new platform features include: virtual waves and icebreakers to promote inclusion and participation as well as breakout sessions to provide specialized and personal learning sessions.

This one example of many organizations in Africa that are adapting to the adverse market conditions created by the COVID pandemic. Those, like Yusudi, who are able to quickly pivot and seize opportunities will ensure that they are a part of the post-pandemic landscape.


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