Case Study: Amitruck and Sanergy       

Frankfurt (Germany) and Nairobi (Kenya), June 2020. To better highlight one of GreenTec’s newest portfolio companies, we are happy to share the following case study on how Amitruck became Sanergy’s  logistics provider in Kenya.

Woman with Sanergy toilet
Sanergy Fresh Life toilets in Nairobi

Amitruck developed its logistics app and platform with the goal of bringing trust and transparency to the Kenyan logistics sector. Sanergy provides innovative non-sewered sanitation and waste management solutions with a sustainable circular economy approach: building and distributing toilets to urban, non-sewered areas via a franchise model, and safely collecting the waste as well as other organic waste generated from agriculture packhouses and restaurants to be  treated and recycled at a facility where it is upcycled to value-added products – organic fertilizer and biomass fuel briquettes mainly.

Since their launch in 2011, Sanergy has deployed over 3,500 franchised toilets in 11 of Nairobi’s slum areas, with over 140,000 uses per day. The toilets have been used more than 2,000,000 times as a result, and Sanergy has greatly improved the lives of urban slum residents by safely removing more than 10,000 tons of otherwise harmful waste annually.

In November 2019, Amitruck became Sanergy’s logistics partner for delivering toilets to poor communities and fertilizers to smallholder farmers. Since then, Amitruck has performed hundreds of deliveries for Sanergy improving on the cost and efficiency of its logistics. By 2025, Sanergy plans to scale their toilet network to serve approximately 1 million people throughout Nairobi with safe and affordable sanitation services.

“Working with Amitruck, we were able to ease logistical hurdles such as driver reliability, communication transparency and delivery efficiency faced in the past with other service providers. The on-demand feature of the technology has allowed us to source drivers in less than 48 hours and at the same time reduce our logistics costs by close to 40%. Moreover, it is very easy to communicate with drivers even though we’ve never met them. The user experience is instant and seamless. In case of any challenges, Amitruck exerts effective customer response, which has greatly improved on our over-all experience and efficiency of our work.”, said Priscilla Salano, Procurement Assistant Manager, Sanergy.

The Amitruck business model was able to dramatically reduce costs for Sanergy, assisting the company in its dual mission of addressing issues of urban sanitation and the access to quality agricultural inputs. Sanergy has avoided logistics problems which plague local companies and initially stem from the lack of transparency in the Kenyan logistics market. Variable pricing and uncertainty no longer limit Sanergy’s capacity to deliver toilets, transport waste, and ultimately to provide fertilizer’s to farmers. By leveraging on Amitruck’s solution, Sanergy was able to boost its activities and increase its impact.

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