Case Study: Simplifying Retail Management with Sumundi’s Keepsales

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Frankfurt (Germany) and Accra (Ghana), July 2020. GreenTec Capital is very happy to share the following case study from one of our new investees, Ghana-based Sumundi. Sumundi is an innovative Ghanaian start-up developing innovative e-commerce solutions for large and small African retailers.

Pharmancy employees
Pharmacy employees explore the Keepsales software at the sales counter

To illustrate how Sumundi works with retailers, we interviewed a retailer using Sumundi’s solutions to manage two retail businesses. Mr. Baiden, is an Accra-based businessman who owns and operates two stores, a pharmacy and a clothing store. Prior to adopting Sumundi’s Keepsales software to manage his inventory and sales, Mr. Baiden had the tedious task of manually checking his inventory and preparing monthly accounting statements. Mr. Baiden’s shops were successful; however he spent a large portion of his time on managing the administrative aspects of his business. On more than one occasion, he or his employees only became aware of being out of stock of items after a customer had expressed interest in them, leading to some lost sales. Additionally, performing accounting audits manually was tedious and error prone.

Mr. Baiden chose to adopt Sumundi’s Keepsales retail management for his two stores in Accra. Keepsales and Cliqrun are available as web and mobile application from both the Google Play store. Keepsales offer POS and retail management software that integrates with Sumundi’s other services such as CIiqrun. The software is easy to use and designed to easily integrate into both formal and informal businesses. Sumundi’s Keepsales helped Mr. Baiden to mitigate losses from missing inventory and accounting errors.

On using Sumundi’s Keepsales, Mr. Baiden said “Sumundi’s Keepsales allowed me to optimize my time and productivity when managing multiple businesses at the same time. Digitizing my operations mitigated unnecessary losses arising from inventory tracking or bookkeeping mistakes. Broadly, Sumundi helped me understand my business better and increase accountability in the store. I now feel more confident making business decisions.



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