Shequity Invests in Ecodudu

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Frankfurt (Germany) and Nairobi (Kenya), October 2020. We are delighted to report that Ecodudu has been selected for an investment from ShEquity. This will be the third investment from ShEquity, which focuses on supporting innovative women-led African ventures.

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ShEquity selected Ecodudu for the company’s innovative approach to alternative protein and fertilizer production leveraging on data analytics and principles of circular economy. Ecodudu is a good fit for ShEquity’s investment criteria as a woman-led African venture with high scalability potential. Their proprietary approach to harnessing the Black Soldier Fly in the production of insect-based protein for animal feeds and organic fertilizers puts them in a class of their own in the African alternative protein market and ensures a choice position in several emerging value chains. Additionally, being a GreenTec Capital investee and benefiting from our venture building, served to de-risk the company in line with ShEquity’s investment criteria. We believe that the complementary combined support from GreenTec Capital and ShEquity will help Ecodudu to continue to grow and scale, while providing access to a larger ecosystem of potential partners, investors, and opportunities.

GreenTec is proud to see Ecodudu secure this investment as a validation of both our own venture building processes and the excellent hard work of co-founders Starlin Farah and Adan Mohammed and their team in bringing the venture to life.


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