Amitruck partners with Eneza Education for impact in Kenya

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Frankfurt (Germany) and Nairobi  (Kenya), November 2020. GreenTec Capital is very proud to share that our Kenyan logistics portfolio company Amitruck has parterned with Eneza Education  to expand access to education for Amitruck drivers’ families. Eneza is an innovative Kenyan education technology company that provides learning and revision materials via any phone however basic. Eneza is based in Kenya, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire.

The Pandemic has shone a light on logistics and its importance in global supply chains. Similarly, remote education has probably never been as important as today during the COVID crisis we are all facing.

In most cases, people associate remote learning with online learning. However, today, in Sub-Saharan Africa, mobile internet penetration is growing but still only at 26% of the population according to GSMA. In this context, remote education to be truly inclusive need to be also offline (i.e. not requiring an internet access).

This is the problem Eneza has been tackling for a couple of years already through an SMS-based education service accessible by all and already adopted by millions of children in Kenya, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. They also recently launched ShupavuWeb where students can access similar content online.

In a partnership recently formed in Kenya between Amitruck and Eneza Education, the companies have partnered to offer truck drivers’ families an opportunity to also benefit from remote education. Starting today, Amitruck and Eneza will be providing a free Eneza subscription to the families of all Amitruck transporters that complete at least one delivery on the Amitruck platform by the end of 2020.

We are excited to partner with Amitruck to provide their drivers’ families with access to quality learning and revision materials so that they can continue studying,” said Wambura Kimunyu, Eneza Education CEO

Drivers interested to join Amitruck’s platform can register here.


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