Ecodudu begins construction on 8-acre rearing facility.

view of fruit farm in kenya

Frankfurt (Germany) and Nairobi (Kenya), February 2021. GreenTec Capital is very pleased to report that Ecodudu will begin construction on an 8-acre rearing facility that will allow the innovative Kenyan waste-to-value company to significantly increase production of their fertilizer and feed products.

Smiling man on a farm
A mango tree on the farm housing Ecodudu’s new facility

The new facility will be located approximately 75 kilometers outside of Nairobi on a 500-acre farm. “It is the largest fruit farm in Kenya and produces mostly mangos and avocados,” said Adan Mohammed, CEO and Co-Founder of Ecodudu.

Following on strong growth in 2020, the company sought solutions that would enable the team to increase production capacity to meet both current and projected demand. Ecodudu will break ground in March on the new “rearing centre” where it will breed Black Solider Flies as part of its feed and fertilizer production.

Ecodudu uses Black Solider Fly larvae to convert food and organic waste into nutritious and protein-dense biomass. The residues are subsequently processed into environmentally friendly and nutrient rich organic fertilizers.

Mr. Mohammed stated that it is a win-win situation for both the farm and Ecodudu. “The farm is constantly looking for new sources of organic fertilizers while simultaneously looking for waste-management solutions for its ever-increasing amount of on-site generated organic waste.”

Organic agricultural inputs produced by BSF in use

According to COO and co-founder, Starlin Farah, “The new facility will contain a rearing centre where we will breed the Black Soldier Flies on the fresh fruit waste meeting the highest international standards.  Ecodudu will utilize the (approximately 16,800 tones annually) fruit waste to produce high quality fertilizer and insect protein.”

Mr. Adan Mohammed said, “The new rearing facility will primarily be used to produce our main commercial products, Dudu Meal, an insect-based animal feed for aquaculture and other feed stocks, and Shamba Mix, an organic fertilizer. Some of the fertilizer produced will actually be utilized on this very farm.” The new facility’s direct access to large quantities of organic fruit waste will dramatically increase production efficiency as well as minimize transport costs.

Dr. Starlin Farah said, “We plan to break ground in March and complete construction in December 2021.”


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