Amitruck CEO Tells his Journey to Leading a Successful, Kenyan Logistics Firm

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Frankfurt, Germany & Nairobi, Kenya, August 2021.  GreenTec Capital is pleased to share that Mark Mwangi, CEO and Co-Founder of Amitruck, a GreenTec portfolio company working in logistics-tech, was interviewed on the Fiftyfaces Focus podcast, The Last Frontier: Diverse Founders and VCs. Podcast host, Ms. Aoifinn Devitt, walked Mark through his journey from a truck driver to a logistics, start-up co-founder and CEO.

Mark’s journey to the top of a very successful Kenyan logistics start-up began behind the wheel of a truck.  To pay his Master’s tuition fees, he drove a truck at night making deliveries from London’s Heathrow Airport.  He explained the experience’s importance, “Having driven a truck myself, I know what a really nice, automated trucking system looks like. I could see how much room there is to improve efficiency, and the way we do things in Africa.” Mark knows it was a learning experience being behind the wheel at the time; but he acknowledges he didn’t know the experience would shape his future career in fundamental ways.

Mark didn’t stay behind the wheel after receiving his Master’s in business. He took a turn that, while it didn’t’ seem at the time as a temporary detour, was temporary and yet a critical experience leading him further along his journey.  He joined BlueCrest Capital Management as an Equity Research Analyst where he spent four years, and then joined Pictet Asset Management where he became a Senior Investment Manager.  According to Mark, “Working in investment banking gave me the understanding of the intricacies of business. I had exposure to private equity and business operations.  I acquired an understanding of cultures, boardrooms, customers’ interactions with businesses, and aligning employee incentives. These are lessons I bring with me today.”

Today, after only 2 ½ years as Co-Founder and CEO of Amitruck, Mark has looked in the rear-view mirror and wished he had changed his path just slightly. “I wish I had come home earlier…after finishing school,” said Mark. “Success makes it hard to take chances.”  Mark acknowledged that it wasn’t an easy decision to leave investment banking in London to move to Nairobi to co-found a start-up. “Everyone thought I had gone crazy.”  He explained where he found the strength and nerve to leave a lucrative and comfortable life in London. “There is more to life than a bank account. I want to leave a bit of a legacy.  I want to do something impactful. Do something for my home country.” 

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