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Company Builder Profile: Nils Hafa

We continue our company builder profile series with one of our most experienced company builders, Nils Hafa. Nils is one of GreenTec’s longest serving company builders who brings extensive experience in working with start-ups and impactful business in Europe and in Africa to the company building team. What is your sector specialty? What do you…

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Company Builder Profile: Maxime Bayen

Frankfurt (Germany), September 2019. Next in our series of Company Builder profiles will be Maxime Bayen. Maxime joins us with extensive experience in the ICT and Telecom sectors in emerging markets including Central Asia, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Maxime’s experience is particularly well-rounded from his work with the GSMA, providing valuable perspective on DFI concerns and…

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Company Builder Profile: Emmanuel Bocquet

Frankfurt (Germany), September 2019. This will be the first in a series of posts introducing the members of the GreenTec Capital Company Building team, featuring one of our new team members Emmanuel Bocquet. Emmanuel comes to us with deep experience in Francophone West Africa, where he has been based for a large part of his…

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