Startups and up-scalling

ARED – Rockstart Green Challenge DeepDive

Amsterdam (Netherlands), February 2018. Last week, the ARED team was in Amsterdam participating in Rockstart’s Green Challenge DeepDive Program.  The program was tailor-made by Rockstart to support the five finalists of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2017. Following a year of remote mentoring, the five finalists of last year’s Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, Earth Enable, Pond, Lightyear, Glowee, and ARED, all…

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GreenTec partners with Land of African Business

Paris (France) and Frankfurt (Germany), July 2017. GreenTec Capital Partners is very pleased to announce our partnership with the French think tank, Land of African Business (LAB). GreenTec Capital and the LAB will engage in a joint effort to promote African entrepreneurship and, of particular interest for us, the development of the startups segment. This…

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