We offer start-ups individually-tailored operational support packages, designed around mutually agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Each KPI is connected to company development and funding goals within a growth strategy toward additional and sustainable value creation. Our transformative company building focus with a mid to long term perspective, shares both the risk and rewards with our investees.

Our team of experienced company builders works closely with start-up founding teams to provide additional operational capacity and expertise. Once the KPIs are achieved, we share the added value created through taking remuneration in shares that cement our long-term collaboration.

Case Study

ARED – Mobile Shiriki Hub

Proven franchise business based around providing digital services through a solar kiosk.

Initial Situation

ARED developed a successful solar kiosk concept around providing low-cost device charging services to the rapidly increasing number of African mobile device users. The company grew to 25 franchisees but lacked the funding and network to grow or develop the concept further.

Strategy and Execution

Partnering with GreenTec Capital Partners empowered ARED founder Henri Nyakarundi to develop his business. GreenTec worked to develop ARED’s model and increased profitability through the inclusion of additional revenue streams from digital connectivity and services. Matching the company with European technology partners, ARED’s next generation kiosk was designed and produced in Germany, implementing state-of-the-art hardware and software components including custom-designed communications equipment.


The development process was supported by a combination revenues, private investments, and more than $500,000 USD in GreenTec-supported grant awards. The newly developed kiosks, called “Shiriki Hubs,” can provide connectivity services for up to 50 users, expanding revenue streams for the business and earnings potential for franchisees.

Thus, with GreenTec’s help, ARED was enabled to develop, produce, and launch its new kiosk, attract new investors to the company, and expand its operations into the Ugandan market.