Aboubaker Benslimane

Aboubaker Benslimane is our Head of Startup Resources and our specialist for identifying high-potential startups that will benefit most from additional value generating support, activities, and financing.

Following the completion of a masters’ degree in International Business with a specialization in International Management of New Technologies at the University of Paris Dauphine, Mr. Benslimane moved into consulting where he advised corporates, public institutions, and start-ups on their development and innovation strategies in France and Africa.

An entrepreneur at heart, Aboubaker has applied his skills to developing and advising several digitally focused start-ups in different sectors, leveraging synergies between complementary start-ups and peer-to-peer learning.

Mr. Benslimane gained extensive expertise in the African entrepreneurial sector as the Global Communications Lead at Jokko Labs, a pan-African initiative that aims to create synergies between local and global ecosystems to promote local ideas to a global stage.

Aboubaker grew up in Morocco, studied in France speaks English, French, and Arabic. He is passionate about cross-cultural collaboration which he firmly believes will provide to the pathway to tomorrow’s solutions.

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