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Anandha Ponnampalam

Chief Technology Officer

Anandha is our Chief Technology Officer and the Head of the Digital Transformation Business Unit. He leads the digitalization of the investment process at GreenTec; and advises and audits the startups and SMEs in GreenTec’s portfolio.

Anandha is known within his industry for being a forward-thinking and creative leader, constantly keeping abreast of current developments in technology, climate change, sustainability, and clean tech. Prior to GreenTec, he was Vice President & Global Transformation Lead at Publicis Sapient in London.

Anandha was born in Sri Lanka, raised in Doha, and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences from the University of Toronto. He has worked all over the world including; Boston, New York, Chicago, Frankfurt, Delhi, Bangalore, Singapore and Sydney. Anandha is currently based in London, UK.

Anandha is married with two teenage children. He enjoys cooking, long hikes and reading. Anandha is interested in nutrition and cultivating a longevity mindset and thinks continuously about maximizing life-span and health-span