Profile picture of Mohammed Al-Salafi

Mohammed Al-Salafi

Junior Venture Builder

Mohammed is one of our Junior Venture Builders, who brings extensive market research and local knowledge background to the development of our portfolio growth. After spending two years in Nigeria working for a German-based strategy consulting firm developing go-to-market entry strategies for international companies, Mohammed has gained experience in identifying many of the barriers companies face in African markets. Parallely, Mohammed has observed the efforts of the local startup ecosystem in solving local problems and became engaged in supporting new companies using his strong connections and market knowledge.

Mohammed holds a masters degree from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in International Business with a focus on African Business Relations and is a winner of the DAAD prize as the most outstanding international student at Frankfurt School for the year 2017.

He speaks fluent English, intermediate German in addition to his native Arabic. In his free time, Mohammed enjoys reading development related books, sports, and playing football and bowling.