African Bamboo

Forestry, NFC, IP, Ethiopia

At a Glance

Since 2012, African Bamboo has developed a flagship decking product, completed the engineering for the first manufacturing plant, and built a vertically integrated supply chain in Ethiopia.

African Bamboo will provide a sustainable alternative to hardwood, polymer, cement, and steel in order to create new revenue streams for millions of  farmers in Africa, and recycle process residues for energy generation.

Product & Services

The vastly improved production process yields bio-composite boards that are cost-competitive and exceedingly superior in quality to the products currently in the market.

The IP developed starting from 2012 is a basis for multiple applications across industries in the building & construction, automotive, transportation, energy and aerospace sectors.

The high performance bamboo panels and mats are made with 82.7% natural fibers.

The decking product is durable, with high tensile strength and an alternative to WPC and tropical hardwood.

Business Model 

African Bamboo has developed the IP consisting of  technology, process, product and business model for Yushania Alpine’ found widely in the African continent for a fundamentally new application for bamboo in Africa into timber substituting products (MDF, OSB, PB, Plywood) and advanced composite materials (NFC, WPC). This IP will be licensed to Industrial operators involve in the business of transformation of wood or African countries willing to develop this industry in their countries.


SDG 1 :Reducing poverty by creating employment opportunities for the local population throughout the supply chain and the manufacturing process

SDG 12:100% biodegradable product that is sustainably cultivated and reduces exploitation of natural resources by replacing traditional wood

SDG 13: Negative carbon footprint of Bamboo from cradle-to-grave, with the energy system of the plants fully relying on production



  • Khalid Duri

    General Manager

  • Rania Duri

    Director of Operations

  • Mathias Belda

    Technology Advisor