At a Glance

Afrilife is a Tanzanian producer and trader of organic, free-trade honey. Working with a network of more than 80 beekeepers, Afrilife seeks to develop into the best African producer of honey and bee products with an eye on international trade. Afrilife is actively engaged in improving the production and revenues of its beekeepers, while working against non-sustainable land-use practices.

Afrilife has developed and is implementing an impactful model to further increase the production capacity and revenues for its beekeepers by introducing modern beehives with more 3x higher yearly production than traditional log hives and provide more training in apiculture to its beekeepers. The company is also working to develop better processing facilities and its supply chain management capabilities, as well as, working to secure international certifications with an eye to expand its international trade potential with the end goal of becoming Africa’s premier producer of organic, free-trade honey.

With the global use of industrial pesticides threatening world-wide bee populations and the propagation of colony-collapse syndrome, promoting sustainable apiculture and land-use is of paramount importance. Furthermore, with the critical role of bees to agriculture on a global scale Afrilife’s work is of paramount importance.




  • Atanas Mluki

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Dunstan Ruta