Agritech, ITC, Ghana

At a Glance

AgroCenta brings all the stakeholders in Ghana’s agricultural value chain together to facilitate effective trading within its web and mobile platform. They target rural smallholder farmers and farmer-based organizations that have limited access to markets, logistics, or technology. AgroCenta works to improve the livelihoods of farmers by providing an all-in-one SMS based solution to access commodity pricing, offer goods for sale across Ghana, and an on-demand logistics service to ensure timely deliveries.

Agrocenta tackles some of the main market inefficiencies and challenges to growth for smallholder farmers within the agriculture value chain in Ghana and West Africa. Agrocenta works to improve the limited access to market information, to reduce the exploitative behaviour of local buyers and middlemen and to improve the transportation and logistics linkages between small rural sellers of agri production and the larger urban markets.

Business Model

Business Model: Agrocenta draws its revenue streams from the price difference between purchase prices (from smallholders) and prices sold to large off-takers.
Agrocenta mobilizes a local network of agents and scouts, who work directly with the local farmer communities and engage in the pre/post-harvest process. It also creates local aggregation points to facilitate the logistics, collection and sales for the agri commodities

Products and Services

A comprehensive agricultural services platform including:
AgroInfo: provides realtime agricultural information and market prices to smallholder farmers
AgroTrade: online trading platform offering ability to buy and sell agricultural commodities
TruckR: on demand logistics solutions to deliver agriculture goods from rural aggregation points to urban markets and buyers
AgroPay: financial platform allowing farmers to transact digitally


Agrocenta’s passion to change the face of agriculture in Africa is built on 3 core values, closely aligned with 3 SDGs. Agrocenta aims to create livelihood empowerement for smallholder farmers, help increase farmers’ incomes and thus help reducing poverty. Agrocenta aims to help ensure sustainable food security by working to reduce inefficiencies in the agricultural value chain. Agrocenta also aims to contribute towards gender equality by working with many female farmers.



  • Francis Obirikorang

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Michael K. Ocansey

    CTO & Co-founder