African Renewable Energy Distributor

Jobs and WIFI for the Streets of Africa

At a Glance

ARED’s Mobile Shiriki Hub provides a one-stop shop for Africa’s on-the-go mobile device users.

Mission & Vision
Working to address issues of unemployment and to close the “digital-divide” in Africa. ARED believes strongly in the power of entrepreneurship to empower people to change their lives. The company provides a “one-stop-shop” for mobile services and content, applying a micro-franchise model. ARED works to empower the most vulnerable demographics, by subsidizing franchise fees for women and disabled persons. The company aspires to reach 5,000 kiosks by 2020, connecting millions in the BOP to the Internet.

Product & Services
Solar Powered Digital Kiosk, called: the ‘Mobile Shiriki Hub.’ A business-in-a-box solution providing a one-stop-shop for mobile device users. Designed to be rugged, mobile, and to operate independently of grid infrastructure. Each kiosk can connect up to 50 users within 100m of the kiosk.
Monetization: Franchisee fees, VTU sales, co-branding and digital advertising. Freemium digital content model offers free local content and internet access in conveniently priced time increments

Promotes enterpreneurial empowerment with its franchisee model, providing sustainable jobs at double the national average in Rwanda. Provides subsidies on franchisee fees for women and disabled persons.
End 2018 after funding in Q1/18 we will reach 500 kiosk base case and >700 blue sky. Minimum 80% of these franchisee will be women and or disabled person. Impact on 8-10 family member relying on 1 full time job, which translate to 4k-5k base case and 5.6k to 7k blue sky – people beeing supported by ARED. Each Kiosk is off-seting 150 Kg of CO2 annually. Provides low-cost digital content access to rurally located BOP population.

Bettervest Crowdfunding Campaign

Are you interested in the opportunity to support ARED in bringing the first WIFI network to the streets of Africa? Well, now you have the chance to support ARED and help close the digital divide! We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign through Bettervest GmbH. Bettervest is the first crowdfunding platform for energy efficient projects that brings the power of crowdfunding to support innovative projects that will contribute to a clean-energy and climate-friendly future. To learn more about ARED’s Bettervest project and how Bettervest works, please visit ARED’s Bettervest project page (in German) on Bettervest’s website.

The investment information sheet according to § 13 of the German Investment Act for ARED’s crowd investing campaign can be found on Bettervest’s website or can be downloaded here.

Das Vermögensanlagen-Informationsblatt gemäß § 13 Vermögensanlagengesetz für unsere Crowdinvesting-Kampagne auf oder finden Sie hier zum Download

Company Profile

Rwanda, Uganda, East Africa
ITC, Renewable Energy

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Henri Nyakarundi

CEO and Founder

Nasser Kanesa

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeremiah Lewebigue

Uganda Country Developer

Jonas Tubemaso

Technical Project Manager