Organic Agri Inputs, IP

At a Glance

Bio Phyto Collines is a Benin based company that has developed a patented process to produce 100% natural and organic agricultural inputs including fertilizers and pesticides to promote healthy and sustainable farming in Africa.

1.  BioPhyto is promoting clean sustainable farming though the use of 100% natural fertilizers and pesticides.

2. BioPhyto offers an economically viable and technically efficient alternative to chemical fertilizers.

3. BioPhyto promotes the development of social projects, fair and sustainable, by empowering local actors directly, integrating in its value chain smallholder farmers, women cooperatives and young field workers.

Business Model

Demand for BioPhyto’s products far exceeds production capacity. By partnering with local cooperatives
for sourcing (Revenue Sharing Agreement), BioPhyto is able to increase its production capacity while the cooperatives get extra revenue and quality products. BioPhyto is ECO certified (EU) and is a registered Patent holder.


Sanitary: Chemicals products are health hazards. BioPhyto help save lives.
Environmental: Preservation of biodiversity, enhancement of depleted soils,
pollution mitigation for water sources
Social & Economic: Providing thousands of young fields workers with sustainable
jobs, increasing crops yield.



  • Gildas Zodome

    CEO and Founder