Boreal Light GmbH

Water desalination, Kenya

At a Glance

Boreal Light GmbH has developed innovative water desalination systems designed to operate off-grid in the most remote areas. The WINTURE® systems can produce clean water from saline or brackish sources and can provide energy services from its solar powered power system.

Dedicated to providing affordable water treatment facilities for low-income off-grid communities in Africa and South America. Boreal Light GmbH designs and manufactures low-cost solar-powered water desalination systems for irrigation and drinking water applications under the WINTURE®brand.

The business model provides two revenue streams: machine sales (B2B), and water sales to consumers (B2C) using a franchise WaterKiosk approach.

Products and Services

Standalone Solar Water Desalination System, called Winture® Planet Cube: durable, easy to maintain, runs solely on solar power, prototype successfully tested. Providing both water and electricity for charging mobile phones.
WaterKiosk: Custom designed sales point for hygienic water and electricity. Additional products/services (e.g. sales of medicine, internet access, or other products) can be added – building a small ecosystem around the Water Kiosk


Reduces CO2 emissions from the burning of fire wood to boil and disinfect water in rural areas and villages. Eliminating the necessity for the transportation of water via diesel fuel cars. Eliminating the use of diesel generators to produce electricity for desalination and water pumping systems. Creating jobs around the WaterKiosk. Cleaning the canister with chloride before filling with water reduce the risk of getting desease, which is the case with taking water directly from boreholes, water pumps or other suppliers. Getting water much cheaper than currently provided increases the number of people covered with clean water.


  • Dr. Hamed Beheshti

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Mr. Ali Al-Hakim

    General Manager/CTO