Divine Masters Limited

Agriculture, Micro-finance, Uganda

At a Glance

Divine Masters Limited is a Ugandan agribusiness enterprise specializing in soy, rice, and maize production as well as value chain management in the Ugandan domestic market. DML operates on 5,200 acres of farmland in Tororo and Butalje.  DML works with 6,500 farmers groups representing more than 48,000 farmers producing more than 7,000 MT of grain annuallywith over $4 million USD in revenues in 2015. DML continues to grow steadily and register profits while establishing its products with a reputation of high-quality. DML plans to expand its business into the local processing of grains, edible oils, and ingredients for the domestic and export markets. In order to maintain supply, DML works closely with farmers and plans to modernize its operations with the implementation of mechanized farming technologies, storage, and processing facilities.

DML works to improve the livelihoods of Uganda’s smallholder farmers and ensure food security for Uganda and a steady supply of quality grain. DML achieves this by providing farmers with access to agricultural and business training in addition to credit for seeds, agricultural inputs and cash. DML also provides premium pricing for the farmers’ crops to incentivize entrepreneurship, innovation, and increased production. Additionally, DML provides farmers with market links and information in order to make informed decisions regarding crop sales, thereby improving farmers’ livelihoods through higher revenues and better crop yields.


DML contributes to the SDG’s through a series of targeted activities: 1) knowledge transfer and training in good agronomic practices and small business management; 2) developing rural agricultural infrastructure to provide diversification measures against commodity dependence; 3) increasing financial inclusion through increased financial literacy through training as well as microcredit loans for agricultural inputs and machinery services. Achieved Impact: better and increased rural employment opportunities, increased food production and improved financial outcomes for rural farmers, development of the rural agricultural value chain and additional value-added jobs.



  • Orisa Raphael Jawino

    Founder and Managing Director