Ecodudu is an innovative waste-to-value company operating in Kenya’s animal feed and agricultural inputs value chains. The company has developed an innovative process to produce highly nutritious animal feeds and organic fertilizers, leveraging nature’s recycling agents, insects.

Leveraging on the team’s more than 18 years’ experience in animal feed production, the company developed a process using Black Soldier Fly larvae to convert food and organic waste in nutritious and protein-dense biomass. The resulting residues are subsequently processed into environmentally friendly and nutrient rich organic fertilizers. The company produces two signature product lines, Dudu Meal, an insect-based animal feed for aquaculture and other feed stocks; and Shamba Mix, an organic fertilizer.

Ecodudu team
Ecodud’s team


  • Adan Mohammed

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Starlin Farrah

    COO & Co-Founder