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Kwiks is a Moroccan  B2B platform specializing in B2B talent sourcing by leveraging an innovative web platform and expertly curated talent pool combining public and private data sources. Neither a headhunter nor a recruiting agency, the company is a business catalyst providing top-tier talent quickly so that companies can succeed. Kwiks specializes in rapidly souring high-quality personnel focusing on Francophone markets in Morocco, Belgium, and France. The company has developed an extensive database of talent and innovative web and mobile application to deliver qualified candidates in IT, consulting, CRW, and finance to employers.

Kwiks extended database of candidates is provided to companies through a collaborative real-time exchange platform. Kwiks consultants can provide on-demand talent profiles within 30 mintues, leveraging an expertly curated talent database, as well as a network of public and private profiles in order to be able to quickly deliver qualified candidates to employers. Leveraging an innovative IT platform that ensure ready access to top talent.

The company plans to expand its reach in Africa and diversify from its Francophone niche by to included Anglophone candidates addressing a major problem for African companies to source talented personnel.



  • Amine Khayatei Houssaini

    CEO & Founder

  • Zineb Khayatei Houssaini

    Managing Partner