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At a Glance

LAFAAAC (The Franco-Anglophone Academy of Arts and Culture) is a training Platform for professionals working in the creative and cultural industries. The platform began operations in 2019 offering innovative training courses for creative professionals, focusing on empowerment and entrepreneurship. The platform leverages on its blended learning approach to address issues of access to quality education for Africans. The platform offers a range of courses for developing technical proficiencies as well as  topics of entrepreneurship as well as hard and soft skills aimed designed for creative professionals.

Currently, LAFAAAC offers more than 100 training courses in 6 subject areas (Audiovisual and Cinema, Music, Fashion, Radio and Book Editing), and is working with more than 20 operational partners and schools in both Europe and Africa. The platform is active in France and on the whole African Continent but currently targets more specifically Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal. It plans to expand into Anglophone markets beyond Nigeria with the launch of an enhanced version of the platform in February 2022. The current platform is available on a freemium model, and offers 10 hours of free content that can be downloaded to a mobile device that also works offline to be accessible without internet. 

The platform’s offerings will be expanded in 2022 to offer a range of new services including a job and CV support, collaborative and chat spaces, Virtual Classes, as well as an expanded course library  and offers aiming to further empower the continent’s aspiring creative professionals. 


  • Olivier Pascal

    CEO & Co-founder

  • François Catala

    Chief Education and Partnerships Officer & Co-Founder

  • Xavier Duranton

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Pierre Sulpice

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Nilda Brianto

    Project Manager

  • Julia Bordeaux Montrieux

    Director of Human Resources