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At a Glance

ShapShap is a Nigerian logistics technology company developing innovative solutions focused on Nigeria’s blossoming delivery market. To address a multitude of issues in the fragmented African logistics market the company offers a comprehensive all-in-one platform to make deliveries efficient, sustainable, and scalable. The company’s platform consists of 2 SaaS offerings, a logistics app for drivers and vendors as well as an e-commerce app for vendors. The apps have a suite of features addressing all aspects of delivery logistics from routing to payments and analytics. The ShapShap platform implements a cross-pooling option, enabling drivers to earn money through deliveries from multiple channels. 

ShapShap is currently active in Lagos and Abuja fulfilling logistics, food delivery, and retail deliveries. The company has already processed more than 30,000 orders for more than 4,000 users and is working with more than 100 vendors. 

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  • Khalil Halilu


  • Abdeali Siywala


  • Othman Abdulrasheed