SuperFluid Labs

Intelligent Pan-African Credit-Scoring

At a Glance

Sub-Saharan Africa has the second highest rate of un-banked adults globally with 350 million people, or about 17% of the global total. This is driven in part by limited credit bureau coverage, limiting the ability for SME’s and Corporates retain consumers to demonstrate their creditworthiness. Currently, only 17% of African banking customers have consumer loans while 97% use transactional products (mobile wallets).

SuperFluid has developed a comprehensive data analytics platform that can assess credit scores more effectively through big data and artificial intelligence and enables businesses to identify and unlock hidden revenue opportunities. Leveraging their proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence expertise, SuperFluid’s technology will drive financial inclusion through facilitating effective credit scoring for financial institutions..

The SuperFluid team consists of data scientists, engineers, and mathematicians; who have built a proprietary technology platform that mines customer transactional data to automatically predict future business events, reveal customer behaviours, and trends (e.g. credit risk and defaults), enhance engagement, reduce churn risk, and increase overall profitability. The company’s mission is to bring AI to businesses and consumers to drive economic growth and opportunities.

SuperFluid’s world-class team has extensive experience with the world’s leading companies and institutions, such as IBM Research, Dalberg Global Development Advisors, the Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to name a few. The company’s expertise spans financial technology, computer science, engineering, statistical analysis, as well as financial services. The team has also published papers, reports, and patents in leading scientific journals as well as with professional associations including the ACCA, IEEE and IET.

SuperFluid labs has offices in Frankfurt, Nairobi, and Accra


  • Timothy Kotin

    CEO & Co-founder

  • William Marks

    Director & Co-founder

  • Winifred Kotin

    Director Ghana, Head of Banking & Commerce

  • Ngwing Kimani

    Operations & Finance