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At a Glance

T40 is a mobility technology solutions provider focused on helping intercity transport businesses modernize, earn more revenues, and deliver improved service offerings to clients. In Nigeria and across Africa the intercity mobility services market is highly fractured with many operators struggling with low profit margins and extending their market reach to attract new customers. With more and more Africans commuting and moving to cities for work, mobility services providers can benefit from T40’s technology solutions to better attract, maintain, and engage with their customers.

T40’s solutions include offerings for customers, owner-operators, and fleet owners to improve their services and more efficiently attract and retain customers. The company’s offerings include custom-built POS consoles for drivers and operators, a fleet management console including webshop to offer tickets sales online, and customer facing features such as personal entertainment centers. T40’s solutions help mobility service operators to improve customer satisfaction and service quality while also reducing costs. The platform also helps operators increase revenues through ancillary products and services


  • Folarin Olulana

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Mariam Yvonne Hamidou

    Business Development Manager & Co-Founder

  • Kabiru Awulu

    Head of Partnerships

  • Dele Ogundahunsi

    Growth Lead